General Nuitrition Centers - Sales associates and a manager with no knowledge!

Hermitage, Pennsylvania 1 comment
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I am a long time customer at GNC Shenango Valley Mall in Hermitage PA., I am also a gold card member where once a month I would get all my supplements I needed, now the gold card is good every day so I am shopping at that store two times a month. It all started this past June I notice a all new staff, and one employee who is still working there when I see her working I walk in and walk back out because of her attitude and lack of knowledge of the products.

This attitude is catching on with the other employees also the lack of knowledge of the products and the attitude they give you when you don't buy what they are selling! This is the worst place too shop at the customer service is very bad!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.



I did not get any help from this company I don't think they care like they did not care for some of there own employees who worked at this store.

General Nuitrition Centers - Terrible customer service

Hamilton, Ontario 0 comments

on my first visit to GNC I asked the sales associate if they carried a particular flavor protein powder as I was unable to find it in the store myself. After taking the time to look he told me they did not have any in stock.

I asked him if he could recommend something similar with close to the same ingredients, grams of protein, sugar, carbs and most important a low calorie count. He gave me the GNC brand and told me the only difference was the name. After getting home and taking a closer look at its contents I realized that it was not in any way similar to what I was looking for but I decided that I would give GNC another chance. On my second visit I asked the same sales associate for another specific product and he tells me that they do not carry it.

I go on my way and try to find a product that is similar in nature to that of what I was looking for. While looking for something similar I found the product that I was looking for in the first place and when I told the sales associate I had found it his response was, "you better buy all of them because they were ordered my accident". I bought the product and left. A third time I called the store ahead of time to see if they had the product I was looking for and the sales associate told me they had just received a shipment and they had plenty in stock.

When I arrived at the store there was a sign on the door that said it was closed but would reopen in 5 minutes. After waiting for 10 minutes outside the store it finally reopens and I go inside to make my purchase only to find the shelf where the product I needed to be empty. When I asked the cashier for the product she responded with, I have the product in the back but I don't want to unpack the boxes so I will call another location and see if they have it on the shelf.

I left GNC furious and I will never buy another product from there again.

Monetary Loss: $193.

General Nuitrition Centers - GNC products ineffective and overpriced

West Point, Georgia 0 comments
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GNC is a total scam. $200.00 for 3 bottles of supplements that do little or nothing is a ripoff.

Read the contents of these pills.

You can find this stuff for much much cheaper. I complained in an e-mail and was ignored. Would not refund. Stay away from this company.

They want only your money, not your good health. Their "magic pills" are not going to improve your health. Go to a real doctor. It will be cheaper and better for your health in the long run.

Don't beleive the GNC hype. I learned the expensive way.

General Nuitrition Centers - Overpriced products that don't make you pass your urine test

North Bergen, New Jersey 0 comments
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I work at a GNC in Hawaii and we have all these expensive detox drinks that are suppose to help you pass your drug test. The only thing is that we are not suppose to talk about anything to do with drugs or passing a drug test.

The drinks are priced doubled at Gnc and the big thing is that they don't even work.

We are threatened everyday that if we continue to suggest that these products clean drugs out of your system, we can get terminated on the spot. The best thing a customer can do is go to Vitamin Shoppe and pay half the price and get way better advice.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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